Aegyo Sal

/eɪgoʊ saʊər/ the little muscle band outlining your lower eyelid, often mistaken as eyebag.
Aegyo Sal

Aegyo Sal, loosely translated as beautiful/cute/winsome skin, is commonly mistaken as an eyebag problem and while eyebags are formed when bags of fats from under the eye migrates forward, aegyo sal is actually caused by the enlargement of the pretarsal muscle under the lower eyelid. Most Asian celebrities spot aegyo sal, male or females, and these aegyo sal actually gives your eyes a 3D look, and enhances your smile even more.

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Nikki Lee

I am interested in Aegyo Sal and wanted to know the cost of the procedure, duration and location on the clinic. Awaits for yr response via email. Thank you for taking time to read

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