Crow’s Feet

/ˈkrəʊzfʊt/ a branching wrinkle at the outer corner of a person's eye.
Crow’s Feet

The wrinkles at the corner of eyes are actually called crow’s feet, as these wrinkles simply resemble crow’s feet. People with Crow’s Feet often looked older than they actually are especially when they smile. There are a few ways to get rid of crow’s feet wrinkles but in order to understand how you can get rid of these wrinkles; you would have to understand how these wrinkles come about.

If you don’t like your crow’s feet and would like to get rid of it, you can call 65 6532 2400 to make an appointment with Dr Ee and he can best advise you what the best option for you is. Alternatively, you can leave a comment at the end of this article or click here to send an email enquiry to Dr Ee.


Rhianna Hawk

I have a terrible case of crows feet, and I’ve been considering Botox as a treatment option for it. It’s great to hear, as you said, that the effects are immediate because I have a friend’s wedding coming up and I really want to look my best in time for it. I don’t know how strong my orbicularis oculi are, though, so I’ll have to ask my doctor to see how much Botox I need.

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