Dark Eye Circles

/dɑːk ʌɪ ˈsəːk(ə)ls/ dark blemishes or discoloration under the eyes.
Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles are a major cause of psychological problems for a lot of Asian women. People with dark eye circles are often misunderstood as tired looking and takes years off their actual age. This affects self-confidence, especially in a society where judgement is easily passed based purely on how you look.

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My name is Nida. I have allergy and my problem is dark eye circles. I would like to check whether the laser can be help on this? And may I know how much for a session?

Thank you

Gerard Ee

Hi Nida,

Yes lasers can help with the dark eye circles that arise as a result from allergy.
They would cost about $100-$250 per session and we would use a combination of 2 different lasers for your problem.

Rachel lee

Hi, is both Q-switch treatment and CO2 laser needed to treat dark circles? Is one more effective than the other and can they reduce the appearance of veins under the eyes? Thanks

Gerard Ee

Hi Rachel,

Yes both lasers are recommended to give optimal results. This is because dark eye circles are as a result of many factors and we do need different modalities to treat the problem.

Hence we need the Q switch to fix the colour and the fractional co2 to improve the thin skin.

Michelle Chong


I have very dark undereye circles and also sinus problems and eczema on face.
How effective is the laser treatment?
Does your clinic provide any laser toning for face to even skintone as well (discolouration), and whats the cost like? Thanks!

Gerard Ee

Hi Michelle,

Allergic Rhinitis is well known to be a cause of dark eye circles. The combination of Q-switch plus fractional co2 does work well for these discolouration, however 100% cure is not possible.
We do offer laser toning for the face as well. That should cost about $200 per session for the full face. You can give us a ring at 6532 2400 to talk to my front desk if you have any more specific enquiries.



I am having “Dark Eye circles”. I have already visited the local Skin center once. The doctor provided cream only and didn’t guarantee it will work. Moreover, home remedies also didn’t work out for me.

So my question would be on the
type of treatment, I will be going through ?
and the minimum session required ?
most importantly will it be a permanent cure with no side effects ?

Gerard Ee

Hi Miss Waheedha,

Dark eye circles are incredibly difficult to treat. It is well known that creams are unlikely to ever cure your problem. A combination of fractional CO2 and Q-switch laser works the best. Usually most patients would go through about 5 sessions of fractional CO2 and 5 sessions of Q-swtich as a minimum. This can provide an improvement although definitely not a 100% cure. The treatments are safe with no side effects.



My parents, sisters and me had a very obvious mark of dark circles. Is this a hereditary trait and through aging that my dark circle became more visible? Will the treatment help of getting rid of these dark circles?


Gerard Ee

Hi Ryan,

Hereditary dark eye circles are treated the same as all other types of dark eye circles. The treatment can help improve the dark eye circles, lightening the colour and improving the tiredness look. Do note that 100% cure for the dark eye circles is not possible although if you are patient, it is possible to achieve about 50-70% clearance eventually.

Rachel lee

May I know how the treatment will be conducted as well and if there are any risks involved since the lasers will be used around the eye? Thanks!

Gerard Ee

The treatment will be performed by myself. A full Ministry of Health and Singapore Medical Council qualified doctor. Lasers are safe and they are performed even in babies when we are in the hospital for birth defects and these defects usually occur on the face and around the eye area as well.

Qian Lee

Hi, my dark circles are caused by “eye swollen” which I didnt take good care of it many years ago hence when it recovered it leaves a dark patch under my eyes. May I know in this case, will the treatments lighten those dark areas?

Gerard Ee

Hi Qian Lee,
The combination treatment of Fractional CO2 and Q switch laser can help to lighten the dark patch under the eye

Gerard Ee

Hi Rachel,
Tear trough fillers helps with tear trough. The results are instant as once the fillers are put in there is volume and you can see the improvement immediately.

Gerard Ee

Hi Cindy,
That would mean 10 sessions altogether. Often patients even do 10 sessions of CO2 laser and 10 sessions of Q-switch laser to see good results.


Hi, Dr Ee, heard of Restylane skin booster and would like to know the cost, what’s the amount required for the whole face, any downtime, can I see the difference after one session and how many sessions required? Thank you.

Gerard Ee

1ml of skin boosters is more than sufficient. Downtime is short. Just 1 day.
Yes you can see very visible difference. The pores look smaller and the skin looks more radiant.
I would advise a total of 3 sessions to be done 1 month apart for the best results.


Dr Gerald Ee, thanks for your reply. May I know the price for 1ml/session and any promo price for 3 sessions? I heard there’s GSS promotion 🙂 Thanks.

Gerard Ee

Hi Restylane skin boosters cost $788. Usual price $1188. =)
1ml is sufficient for the whole face.
Down time about 1-2 days. Yes you can see results in 1 session. About 3 sessions required.


Hi.I actually did an under eye filler at a clinic early in march this year.Somehow it felt like i actually paid $1000 ish to make myself look much worse bcos my dark circles look much worser than before.I was very disappointed & upset and hence, i didn’t come for my 2nd appointment bcos i didn’t wanna spend so much money just to make myself look much worser than before.
Shoulf i have gone for the laser treatment instead of under-eye fillers?


Hi, I would like to know the downtime for Fractional CO2 and Q switch laser. And would it look really bad that I can’t go work during the downtime?

Christine Ong

May I know how much is each session for laser treatment for dark eye rings? And how many sessions in total are required for removal of dark eye rings? Do we have to sign up for a package (e.g 10 sessions for $xxxx) or we can just pay for each session when we go for the procedure?

Gerard Ee

Q switch laser for eyes – $100 per session for a set of 5-10
V beam laser for eyes – $200 per session for a set of 5-10
Fco2 laser for eyes – $250 per session for a set of 5-10

No need to sign package. Can do session by session.

Kabeer Ali

My name is Kabeer. I’m having a dark circles for many years. Can i know is the treatment only for one session?

Gerard Ee

Lasers require minimum of 5 sessions to see effect. To lighten up the skin and also to improve skin quality and thickness


Hi my dark pigmentated skin around the eyes are very close to the opening of The Eye (at the eyelashes) is it safe to do it there and will the laser beam hit The Eye? Even with cornea shields I am a little scared. Have you treated this close to the eyes before?

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